Collections and Connections

28 04 2010

My mother has recently informed me that some of my Aunt Kit’s friends who are school teachers have really made an impact on the fight against light pollution. Huzzah to you Aunt Kit and Huzzah to all of the school teachers!

From what I have heard my Aunt Kit saw my repeated posts on facebook about Globe at Night and she decided to share it with some of her friends who are teachers. These teachers pulled out all the stops and got their classes involved! This is what Globe at Night is all about.

We are a collection of people and each of us has a connection. I know this person and they know someone over there that also knows this person and this person. We are all working towards a better and brighter future. Or I suppose I should say in this case, a darker future and brighter stars. These collections and these connections make us powerful. When we put our minds to it we can do whatever we want.

I randomly bumped into Dr. Connie Walker at the American Astronomical Society meeting. She decided to give me a card about Globe at Night. I thought it was neat and told her about how I was about to go to Chile to work with Dr. Malcolm Smith and he was also interested in fighting light pollution. She knows him! I’m about to meet him. She informs me, “Keep in touch!” and I affirm that I will. I fly to Chile. I start my job and I tell Malcolm about Connie. One email and Connie assures me that I can help out as much as I want! I’m all for it! Facebook is the first option. Messages to friends and groups to start. “I want you all to know about this neat program I found, Globe at Night!” The response is phenomenal. It spreads and spreads. People from Italy and Chile and the USA. People from all over. Then my dear Aunt shares the idea with her friends. They respond and they do something about it. During the week of Globe at Night these teachers took their kids out to the fields and they look up at the sky in hopes of spotting Orion. They contributed. Through all of these events we have been connected to fight for something we believe in.

Each year the numbers of participation in Globe at Night has risen, and this year has been the largest.

2006: 3,990 observations

2007: 8,490 observations

2008: 6,838 observations

2009: 15,300 observations

2010: 17,805 observations

That is an accomplishment, and one of those dots represents you.

So thank you to everyone who used their connections to spread the news to their collections of friends. With this we can make a difference. And thank you to my Aunt Kit and all of the teachers that got their kids involved!




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