19 04 2010

I have not posted in quite some time due to an excess of craziness in my life. You see, the last month or so I have been zooming around Chile, trekking in the wilderness of Patagonia, finding myself magically back in the United States after falling asleep without realizing it, and then experiencing a pleasant onslaught of family for the holiday. Now, I have returned to school after three weeks of being back in the United States. The funny thing is not having classes. I am sure that I have barely begun to feel the strangeness of this fact. My three lovely roommates are all graduating this year. Two of them have already defended their honors theses and the third is defending on Thursday of this week. Then they have to finish classes and then is the approach of finals. I have promised to cook for them. It is the least that I can do. Plus, I love cooking…sometimes. The zucchini bread I made this afternoon turned out divine! I think I must have added just the perfect amount of cinnamon.

However, I will have a lot to do. This is the reason I came back! I’m picking up my research on the crystallization of pulsating white dwarf stars and preparing myself for an exciting summer of traveling and events. Next year will be my turn to defend my thesis, which will be written on one little white dwarf star nicknamed ‘Lucy’. So, on Monday, you can find me at the computer typing furiously away and discovering the secrets of this shining beauty in the sky. That is, of course, after I remember the password to my work computer, woops.

Aw, the beloved thesis. I am very excited about it, actually. My sophomore year a very good friend of mine was preparing to graduate. I spent many a happy evening propped on her couch watching cult classics while she lay in front of the tv, on the floor, with piles of books surrounding her. Now she is in graduate school studying Chaos theory in English literature. I consider her one of my top role models.

Now to the point of my writing tonight. I have returned. I hope to supply you with many interesting things to read about and keep you updated on the battle for dark skies. As a side note: I just want to say that I am so excited about having two summers right in a row!

Now, for an interesting picture I saw!

I saw this picture at this website:

It is from NASA’s Image of the Day gallery and I just thought it was so nifty! It was taken in the Kibo laboratory of the International Space Station. Wouldn’t it be the neatest thing to go to the work in the morning and float there?

Perhaps tomorrow morning when I go to start up work on my thesis again I can float there. It’s just across the street from my apartment! Not far at all.




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