17 03 2010

I am sitting on a swing in La Serena, Chile. And I find it kind of funny that as GLOBE at Night closes for the year my time working at CTIO as an undergraduate research student also closes.

GLOBE at Night has been so successful this year with more than 10,000 observations (I’ll have to get back to you on the final number!). I can’t help but be thrilled and awed at the amount of dedication and participation that this shows. And also knowing that some of those observations are my own, somewhere in the mix of those “more than 10,000” I have contributed.

In the same moment my respect for GLOBE at Night and all of the participants is reflected in my respect for the 8 students I worked side-by-side with this Chilean summer.

It has been an adventure. There were many days of staring at my computer screen and growling when my code didn’t work, and then jumping up and down in the office when it did. It has always been a blessing in these moments to look to my left and right and to see the same situation. I imagine that this situation occurs often in Astronomy, and any profession, for that matter.

As I write this, my friend Eduardo is sitting in the grass to my left under the shade of a tree I do not know the species of, because it is Chilean and there are many things here I don’t understand, but it is beautiful. He is practicing his final presentation which he will give in approximately 15 minutes. I am sure that he is nervous because English is not his first language, but after living with 7 USA students for 10 weeks I think he’s got it down. I am sure his presentation will be great, and I can’t wait to stand up and walk with him to the lecture hall.

And now the observation part of GLOBE at Night is finished, for this year. The results will be calculated and used to fight light pollution. Good job to you all!




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