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2 02 2010

Here are some really interesting websites that you can use for all sorts of stuff!


También en Español

This website comes in both Spanish and English. Here you can find the Declaration in Defence of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight.

This .pdf is offered in English, Français, and Español. It discusses the International Conference in Defense of the Quality of Night Sky and right to observe stars.

They also offer, “In accordance with the agreenment reached on the island of La Palma on April 20th, 2007, the Starlight Initiative invites all organizations, both public and private, to adopt the principles of the Starlight Declaration, expressing their support and voluntary commitment to preserve the quality of the night sky and to promote the cultural, scientific and environmental to the observation of the firmament.” And following the links this allows organizations to sign up and say that they will follow this example.

So overall, this site offers a lot of nifty information about the battle for starlight.


La Oficina de Protección de la Calidad del cielo del norte de chile – OPCC:

En Español


The International Dark-Sky Association:

This association works towards darker skies. You can join the organization or just look around and see many of their suggestions for lighting options and other things. This site is really chock full of useful information! Also, they offer a link to the National Geographic Article on Light Pollution. A definite read! Here is that site:


Dark Skies Awareness:

This site also has a lot of good information, including The Dark Skies Rangers Program.

They also include a very thourough section on news on this topic. Including a link to a .pdf of a very good article, “Lighting and Astronomy” by Christian B. Luginbuhl, Constance E. Walker, and Richard J. Wainscoat. You can find it at this link: under the “Lighting and Astronomy” section.

There is also a very good section on Light Pollution and what exactly it is and how we can correct it.


Astronomers without Borders:

This site states: “Astronomers Without Borders is people meeting among the heavens. It is only natural to do so. After all, we all share the same sky.”

I couldn’t agree more!

This site goes into details on the many cornerstone projects currently being endeavored. This includes the details on Global Astronomy Month which looks like it will be extremely interesting.


The World at Night:

This is probably one of my favorite sites! Just check it out, it is amazing!


I hope that you enjoy all of these resources! If I find new ones I will let you know and if anyone knows of a really great site let me know! 🙂

Also, check out the GLOBE at Night: Help Track Light Pollution facebook group!




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